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Towards affordable accommodation in the Cape Town CBD 18/7/17

There has been much talk about rising prices in the Cape Town Central City and...

Show you care: donate 21/6/17

Winter is an especially tough time for Cape Town’s street people. We’re sure...


​Give Responsibly

This campaign seeks to educate the public about homelessness and increase the effectiveness of the CCID Social Development team and NGOs working directly with people living on the street.

The CCID has found that hand-outs don't help. In the best case scenario, small change given at a stoplight makes life on the street more viable. In the worst case, it can feed a cycle of anti-social behaviour that keeps people on the street and away from help. It takes more than money to turn lives around.

If you would like to help, please download the open source artwork here.

Stash it, don't flash it

"Stash it, don't flash it" is a CCID Safety & Security department public awareness and crime prevention campaign. While the messaging is used throughout the year by our public safety team members, the campaign is relaunched each year during the festive season (December to March) to drive awareness with both locals and the high numbers of visitors that spend time in the Central City during this time of the year. Pole and "disruption" posters, placed at strategic "hot spots" across the CBD target three specific areas, namely theft out of motor vehicles, ATM fraud and pickpocketing, while extensive brochure distributions accompanied by hardcopy, radio and social media drive home all aspects of safety and common-sense awareness to ensure all those who use and enjoy the Cape Town Central City stay safe (#StaySafe). All material conceptualised for the campaign is open source and can be obtained by emailing Aziza Patandin, aziza@capetownccid.org.

Keep It Clean

During April and May, the CCID’s Urban Management department runs its annual public awareness #KeepItClean campaign. The campaign highlights the work of the CCID, and also calls on the public to do their bit to ensure the Central City remains the cleanest CBD in South Africa.

In 2017, #KeepItClean street-pole posters in the Central City got a bit cheeky. These were accompanied by a "rubbish" activation, showcasing the amount of street refuse picked up in the CBD every day. Click here to view videos of the previous #KeepItClean campaign.

Encountering the same issues in your community? All material conceptualised for the campaign is open source and can be obtained by emailing Aziza Patandin, aziza@capetownccid.org.