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‘Appy parking!

‘Appy parking!

14 Aug 2017 Tags: parking Street Parking Solutions

Street Parking Solutions (SPS), which manages curbside parking in the CBD, has unveiled a smartphone app to help you find that bay.

Sometimes, getting a parking space in the Central City can be the stuff of road-rage nightmares. We’ve seen you there behind your wheel, banging your fists, shouting profanity. And we’ve seen the traffic congestion “cruising” for parking causes all over town.

Well, these parking woes may lessen thanks to an app developed by Street Parking Solutions (SPS), which manages curbside parking in the CBD and processes 15 000 transactions per day. Called ParkFind, it has been two years in the making, according to SPS owner Zunaid Loghdey.

The app, available in the App Store (iOS) and via Google Play (Android), allows you to seek out areas where there are available parking bays throughout the CBD. It shows colour-coded pins indicating parking availability in real time. These update every minute. You can then select an available space and the app will guide you there using GPS.

The app harnesses technology SPS put in place years ago: networked vehicle-detection sensors in every curbside parking bay (around 3 000) in the CBD. These can tell if a vehicle is occupying a space.

Once you’ve parked, the app gives you the area’s parking marshal’s name, as well as parking hours and rates. You can pay by cash, card or SnapScan.

Find out more at http://parkfind.co.za.

Look out for our tech feature, with more useful CBD-related apps, in the upcoming Spring 2017 issue of City Views.