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CCID gears up to launch 2017 State of Cape Town Central City Report

CCID gears up to launch 2017 State of Cape Town Central City Report

12 Feb 2018 Tags: Carola Koblitz Cape Town CBD State of Cape Town Central City Report CCID CCID investment guide

The Cape Town Central City Improvement District (CCID) is set to release the latest edition of its investment guide – The State of Cape Town Central City Report: 2017 – A year in review – towards the end of the first quarter of 2018. The annual publication provides insights into the economic climate of the Cape Town CBD and inspires investor confidence.

According to Carola Koblitz, CCID Communications manager and editor of the report, the 2017 edition is avidly awaited, with a great deal of interest already being shown in what its contents will reveal: “As a country and indeed globally, we are experiencing vast economic pressure. But we believe that current stakeholders and future investors can rest assured that the Cape Town Central City will withstand the challenges we all currently face.

“The report will indicate a fair amount of stabilisation in areas such as the price of residential property, as well as retail and commercial occupancy. We’re also paying a great deal of attention to where future demand will lie, to keep investors up to speed on the opportunities. We realise that, even as a vibrant downtown, we are all experiencing the same current economic pressure to some degree that the rest of South Africa is feeling, but again we hope that the report will provide a positive way forward in terms of preparing for future resilience.”

To this end, the report also takes a good look at current and future trends to provide guidance, for instance, to retailers wishing to combat the threat of online shopping, or in terms of creating the important “third space” downtown residents require somewhere in between where they live and where they work.

New features will include a comprehensive breakdown of eventing venues and facilities available in the Cape Town CBD, to complement its growing importance in the field of conferencing and exhibitions, as well as a detailed guide to water management, something which – Carola -stresses – “no responsible guide to investment anywhere in the Cape Town region should now be without.”

Details regarding the release of The State of Cape Town Central City Report: 2017 – A year in review – will be made available closer to the time of publication on various CCID communication channels, including the website.

Images by Johan Dempers