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Every drop counts

Every drop counts

11 Dec 2017 Tags: Water-saving

 Just like the rest of the metropole, the Central City is in the grips of a severe drought, and every drop of water counts. If you’re a visitor, act like a responsible local; and if you’re a local, do everything you can to conserve our H20.

In March this year, the Cape Town CCID wrote an article (Word to the water wise) highlighting the innovative ways in which many Central City entrepreneurs were starting to implement water-saving concepts in their businesses. The City of Cape Town has also started rationing water through extreme pressure reduction and limiting supplies. Even the popular Long Street Baths have been closed until further notice.

We’re now in summer: the drought is much worse.  The bottom line is: saving water is everyone’s responsibility – from businesses, residents and tourists to locals and visitors.

To avoid “Day Zero” – the day in which it is predicted Cape Town could run out of water – please ensure you follow these important water-saving tips wherever you can.


  • Find and fix water leaks.
  • Keep between 5 and 10 litres of water available for drinking use only, particularly for if you experience water rationing or possible shedding.
  • Shower for no more than a minute. Turn off your taps while you lather up and only turn them back on to rinse off.
  • Flatten out usage during peak times. Wash your clothes or dishes after 21h00 or before 06h00.
  • Ensure all taps are closed when not in use to prevent damage or flooding for when supply is restored after shedding.
  • Collect non-drinking water for toilet flushing, particularly in multi-storey buildings.
  • Use less toilet paper (and preferably one-ply) as this requires less water to flush and prevents blockages. Only flush when required.
  • Use waterless hand sanitiser where possible.

For more info, including a water calculator to work out your own use, visit the City of Cape Town’s “Think Water” site

Images of The Townhouse Hotel staff’s own water-wise programme, utilising water collected in buckets for the municipal gardens outside their venue. Photos by Ed Suter.