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A sweeping success story

A sweeping success story

14 Aug 2017 Tags: urban management Khulisa Social Solutions Greenmarket Square

The CCID has teamed up with Khulisa Social Solutions to provide structured work opportunities for social development clients around Greenmarket Square.

In the past year, Greenmarket Square has become a hotspot for begging and other antisocial behaviour. Most of the people living on the street in the area are young adults and a large number of them have drug or alcohol dependencies.

The CCID’s Social Development department and Khulisa Social Solutions, therefore, decided to initiate a six-month pilot project to provide a harm reduction model for them.

The project gives them an opportunity to earn a stipend for clearing litter and leaves in the square. It builds on Khulisa’s expertise in introducing structure into the lives of those who usually fall through the cracks.

Says CCID fieldworker Mark Williams: “The first week was orientation for the participants. It was tough for some of them because of a change from their normal routine of begging. Some struggled at first with behaviour and other issues, but they showed a huge improvement in the following weeks. Now the team collects six or seven bags of refuse a day.”

Overall attendance has been high since the project began in July with five participants. The daily programme is as follows:

  • 08h00 till 11h00: cleaning of the square/one-on-one discussions with the counsellor onsite.
  • 11h00 till 11h30: returning of tools and equipment (wheelbarrow, brooms, scoops and bags)
  • 11h30 till 12h15: lunch at Service Dining Rooms
  • 12h15 till 13h15: daily class led by a counsellor at the Khulisa office

Mark concludes: “The team is really doing their best to make this opportunity work for them. There is much improvement in their lives and you can see how they grow. Slowly there is progress. The stakeholders on Greenmarket Square are also commenting on the successes of the project. And it is helping them understand the social issues in Cape Town.”

For more information on the work done by the CCID Social Development department and its partner NGOs, see the Winter 2017 edition of the CCID’s quarterly newspaper, City Views.

Image: CCID fieldworker Mark Williams on Greenmarket Square, by Ed Suter