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Cape Town Central City Improvement District (CCID) managers catch armed robber

Cape Town Central City Improvement District (CCID) managers catch armed robber

22 OCTOBER 2019

The head of the Cape Town Central City Improvement District (CCID) Safety & Security department proved his mettle yesterday when he chased down and caught an armed suspect attempting to mug Belgian tourists in the Company’s Garden.

Muneeb “Mo” Hendricks, who is in charge of the CCID’s 300 Public Security Officers (PSOs) that offer top-up security services in the Central City, was in a CCID vehicle, doing a routine inspection with colleague Richard Beesley, Manager of CCID Urban Management, when they noticed a scuffle on Avenue Street, close to Cape Town High School.

The pair, who among them have 30 years’ experience with the CCID, realised immediately something was amiss and sprang into action.

Explains Mo: “We were travelling by car and Richard was driving. We noticed a scuffle 100 metres from us and realised tourists were being mugged by an armed suspect. As we were rushing to the scene, the suspect fled and we pursued him by car.

“Richard managed to corner him by stopping the car just in front of him. I jumped out, gave chase and used minimum force to apprehend the suspect with the assistance of security personnel from the Jewish Museum who came to help us. I then contacted the CCID’s Safety & Security teams to assist.”

Within minutes, a CCID Mobile Unit team was on the scene, including a City Law Enforcement Officer who had the power to arrest the suspect, who was taken to Cape Town Central Police Station to be charged.

“We advised the two tourists to open a case and they agreed. We arranged for them to be transported to the police station where Sergeants Glen Machelm and Ashley Franks helped to open a case of attempted armed robbery because the suspect had a knife on him. Richard also gave a witness statement,” says Mo.

Richard, who was a SAPS Captain prior to joining the CCID 13 years ago, says his instincts kicked in when witnessing the incident. “I’m pleased we were able to prevent the robbery and apprehend the suspect who is to appear in court this morning (22 October),” says Richard.

The managers were on their way to do a routine inspection of the green containers at the top of the Company’s from which the CCID’s Straatwerk team and other operational teams operate.

Mo says this is another example of Safety partners working together to deal with incidents of crime and “criminals should be warned that they will be caught if they try to commit crime in the CBD”. Mo also advises locals and tourists to be aware at all times, be sensible, responsible and not create an opportunity for a crime to occur. Richard shares Mo’s sentiments adding: “Criminals will always look for an opportunity and members of the public should be cognisant of this and be vigilant.”

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