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Meeting the downtown demand for the right kind of residential
6 May 2015
With the recent steep update of residential units in the Cape Town CBD, the question now is how to meet the demand for new units while meeting the pockets of the new urban dwellers.
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CCID AGM highlights business opportunities in the Cape Town CBD
11 Nov 2014
Retail business in the Cape Town CBD is reporting a steady stabilisation in terms of confidence and economic performances, with the rates of those reporting declines in activity dropping.
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MyCiTi service links passengers with Table Mountain
25 Sep 2014
The MyCiTi Table Mountain service (route 110) was introduced to provide a high quality public transport service to Table Mountain and the surrounding area, and secondly to improve public access to this great tourist attraction.
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City libraries launch a first in Africa: mobile Encyclopaedia Britannica access
5 Aug 2014
The City’s Library and Information Services department will spend approximately R2 million on the renewal of the Encyclopaedia Britannica online licence, which now also includes access to the service on all internet-enabled mobile and smart devices.
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Revised traffic congestion alleviation plan
31 Jul 2014
The City’s Transport for Cape Town (TCT) division is undertaking a major project to review and improve traffic signal timing at the 110 intersections in the Cape Town CBD. In addition, exclusive pedestrian signal control will be introduced to enhance pedestrian safety.
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From homelessness to self-sufficiency is the aim
7 Jul 2015
The Cape winter can be merciless for even the toughest Capetonians, but for people living on the streets, it makes their daily battle even more of a challenge.
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Cape Town CBD Foreshore set to revitalise
10 Jun 2014
The face of Cape Town’s CBD is set to change substantially in the next three to six years, with much of the development focused in the Foreshore area, bringing it in line with the rest of the Central City’s growth trajectory.
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Latest The State of Cape Town Central City Report launches
4 Apr 2014
The latest edition of the Cape Town Central City Improvement District’s (CCID) investment guide to the Cape Town CBD was launched on Friday 4 April 2014.
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Statement by CCID on Sky Night Club incident
10 Mar 2014
Following various enquires received, the CCID confirms that its own officers who were present at the scene of the Sky Night Club incident on the morning of 6 March 2014 have also been suspended, pending a full investigation
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CCID launches joint Stay safe and Show you care campaign
31 Oct 2013
A new campaign launched by the Cape Town Central City Improvement District (CCID) combines two key messages on how to stay safe on the streets, particularly in the face of aggressive begging, while still showing you care about those less fortunate.
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