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Multiple choice, Cape Town style
8 Aug 2016
In the Mother City’s CBD they’ve found ways to make laundry fun, eliminate the choice between lunching and shopping, and combine your passions for biking and baking – or at least baked goods. Check out these multipurpose venues.
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Creating neighbourhoods that work 24/7
4 Aug 2016
South African CBDs are densifying, diversifying and moving towards round-the-clock centres where nighttime economies should be taken as seriously as daytime ones, says Cape Town Central City Improvement District COO Tasso Evangelinos.
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Cape Town CCID steps up awareness with body-worn cameras for all its officers
19 Jul 2016
The Cape Town Central City Improvement District’s (CCID) six-month pilot project that equipped nine of its patrolling public safety officers (PSOs) with body-worn video (BWV) has proven to be such a success that the programme is now being rolled out to the entire PSO complement.
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CCID urges: show you care this winter
8 Jun 2016
Baby, it’s cold outside, it’s a hard knock life and everybody hurts. As it rolls out its annual Winter Drive, the Cape Town Central City Improvement District (CCID) is calling on citizens to think about how these well-known song lyrics apply to the homeless in Cape Town
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When success is measured by stolen property: Cape Town’s CCID shows how to #KeepItClean
17 May 2016
It’s not often that an organisation can claim to use theft as a yardstick to measure a campaign’s success, but that’s precisely what the Cape Town Central City Improvement District (CCID) did with its recently concluded annual #KeepItClean campaign driven by its Urban Management department.
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How to get top marks in student accommodation investment
11 May 2016
A successful private student accommodation development can be summed up in a simple equation: schools + students + lifestyle + convenience + good day-to-day management = a victory for all involved.
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12 Apr 2016
Released to the public on Tuesday 12 April, The State of Cape Town Central City Report: 2015 – A year in review highlights the continued strength of investment confidence driving the Cape Town CBD, an area that accounts for over 25% of the metropole’s economy and 30% of its workforce.
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Cape Town CCID warns of sophisticated gangs targeting ATM clients
11 Mar 2016
Sophisticated, well-dressed syndicates using high-performance getaway vehicles are targeting ATM users with a variety of cons that are seeing bank clients being scammed out of thousands of rands.
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Take a leap of love
10 Feb 2016
Legend has it that women are encouraged to turn the tables and be the ones to propose marriage in a leap year. We looked at our calendar and 2016 has a 29 February
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Prevention is key to eradicating remote jamming, says Cape Town’s CCID
7 Jan 2016
Remote jamming is a method of breaking into vehicles that will become increasingly popular because it attracts very little attention, so prevention is the key to ensuring that one’s valuables stay safe.
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