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The Carpenter’s Shop’s #Feed5000 campaign a success

The Carpenter’s Shop’s #Feed5000 campaign a success

22 January 2019

Thanks to the generosity of volunteers and various organisations, one of the CCID’s partner NGOs was able to provide festive cheer this past holiday season to the Central City’s community of people living on the street.

To help ensure that food security was not yet another worry for the Central City’s community of homeless people during the festive season, The Carpenter’s Shop stepped in to fill the gap left by The Service Dining Rooms when the latter closed doors for its annual break from 14 December 2018 to 13 January 2019.

Says Janet Chadwick, coordinator for The Carpenter’s Shop’s festive season campaign: “Our #Feed5000 campaign went extremely well. We served 6 059 meals from 14 December 2018 to 13 January 2019, thanks to the assistance given and meals provided by a number of people and organisations. The meals we served included soup, chicken curry, Chicken à la King, samp and beans with chakalaka, fish biryani, beef stew, soya mince stew and fish curry.

“Overall, we had 152 people involved in the #Feed5000 campaign. The organisations that were involved included, Ladles of Love, RPJ Helping Hands, Roxy’s All Day, 91 Loop Boutique Hostel, the Conrad family and the De Smidt family.”

One of The Carpenter’s Shop’s goals was to also provide a Christmas meal for the community of homeless and vulnerable people. And, according to Janet, they managed to do just that.

“Christmas Day was a fantastic collaboration. We bought chicken quarters and also received a number of chickens which Danny Diliberto from Ladles of Love arranged for us to cook at the Holiday Inn on St George’s Mall, and Mark Kalis from RPJ Helping Hands defrosted and par-cooked the chickens so that the cooking time would be shorter. On Christmas Day, Ladles of Love brought potato salad and pasta salad. David Shields from The GEM Project brought ice cream and fruit salad. In addition, Peninsula Beverages donated cooldrinks and the De Smidt family made party packs for the children. We also were very grateful for the help of Patricia Geyser, who herself lives on the street and who was a huge help in cooking the meals made at The Carpenter’s Shop.”

Janet adds that their clients were very grateful, with a number of people expressing how much it meant to them to see people volunteering to help feed them.

“It made them feel cared about and seen. Also, the clients helped to clean up the litter after the meals to show that they were grateful for the work we put in. All in all, my body is exhausted from all the cooking and running, but my heart is incredibly full from engaging with the clients, donors and the volunteers. It came together marvellously, and we appreciate every person who stepped up and got involved.”

Image by The Carpenter's Shop

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