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CCID Urban Management is calling on members of the public to “come clean”

CCID Urban Management is calling on members of the public to “come clean”

21 Nov 2018 Tags: CCID Urban Management CCID it’s time to come clean

As the festive season nears, the CCID’s Urban Management department is urging members of the public to “come clean” and assist it in efforts to provide a clean Cape Town Central City.

According to Richard Beesley, manager of CCID Urban Management, due to the increased footfall in the CBD during the festive season, this period is particularly challenging for his department.

“All year round, together with our partners, we strive to provide a clean, attractive and risk-reduced urban environment in the Cape Town Central City for all to enjoy. However, the festive season is particularly challenging because of the many people who come to explore the Central City as well as the high-profile events which run from November to March.

“During these months, we experience a considerable strain on our services and resources and notice a large amount of litter being left on our streets.”

For example, in the financial year 2017-18, the CCID’s Urban Management team of street sweepers removed 1 080 tons of litter and waste to landfill. They also removed 19.5 tons of illegally dumped waste to landfill.

Richard adds: “A significant portion of this is the litter removed during the festive season period. However, we would like this festive season to be different, and are calling on members of the public to ‘come clean’ as suggested by our department’s ‘It’s time to come clean’ messaging and dispose litter responsibly.”

Some of the high-profile events happening in the CBD during the festive period include The Festive Lights Switch-On at The Grand Parade, Community Chest Twilight RunMCQP party, Tweede Nuwe Jaar Minstrel Parade and Open Streets City Centre.

To help reduce a great deal of litter from ending up on the streets, in September the CCID Urban Management department announced its collaboration with the City of Cape Town’s Solid Waste Management Department to ensure there are adequate green bins in the CBD. As a result, a sizable number of bins have been added as well as replaced within the CCID’s four CBD precincts.

“We urge you to always use bins wherever these are provided,” says Richard. “If there are no bins, or these are full – which can happen particularly during an event – take responsibility for clearing away your own litter and remember that the responsibility of a clean CBD starts with the people who use it daily. We also urge you to encourage others to pick up litter because, as studies show, people are more likely to litter when there is already litter lying around.”

Image by CCID’s precinct manager for precincts 2 and 3, Carlisle Marankey