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City calls for comment on CBD’s Foreshore Freeway Precinct

City calls for comment on CBD’s Foreshore Freeway Precinct

9 March 2017

On Monday 6 March, the City of Cape Town unveiled the six proposals it had received from the private sector for the development of the Foreshore Freeway precinct, a large part of which falls within the Cape Town Central City. The area surrounding the famous unfinished freeway includes six hectares of City-owned land, the focus of Cape Town’s first transit-oriented development (TOD) project.

Says Councillor Brett Herron, the City’s Mayco member for the Transport and Urban Development Authority: “The Foreshore Freeway Project will be on a scale of development never seen before in Cape Town. We expect it to resolve some of the challenges that are currently preventing us from realising the city’s full potential – the lack of mobility being key.”

These challenges include the CBD’s traffic congestion as well as greater Cape Town’s affordable housing shortage, the latter being a key component that applicants have been asked to incorporate in their designs.

The proposals are open for public viewing and comment at the Civic Centre. To view them online, take a look at the videos we filmed at the exhibition:

As you will see, most of them advocate for joining the unfinished viaducts of the freeways, while others opt for demolition of all the existing freeway infrastructure. In the case of the latter, an at-grade boulevard or a tunnelled roadway could serve as an entryway into the Central City. Along with affordable housing in the CBD, other ideas also include green spaces, sports facilities and public transport infrastructure that could transform the Foreshore into a vibrant people-focused node.

Says Rob Kane, chairperson of the Cape Town Central City Improvement District (CCID): “Already we are seeing a boom of construction on the Foreshore, with the recent completion of the new Netcare Christiaan Barnard Memorial Hospital, as well as a host of planned and underway developments. Two of the CBD’s biggest challenges, however, are traffic congestion and affordable housing and, as the CCID, we applaud the City in creating the Foreshore Freeway Precinct project in the hope that it will take on these challenges and create an even better Central City for all Cape Town’s stakeholders.”

The City’s Bid Evaluation Committee will, after the conclusion of the viewing period on 21 March, take the public’s comments into account as part of the evaluation process that will result in the selection of a preferred bidder or bidders.

Says executive mayor Patricia de Lille: “Apart from being an eyesore, the unfinished freeways are also preventing the development of prime City-owned land. Our Integrated Development Plan sets various objectives such as leveraging the City’s assets to drive economic and social development and stimulate job creation. In leveraging City assets, the City will be the catalyst investor in these projects to create a ‘crowding in’ effect by the private sector.”

To submit your comments:
Email: transport.info@capetown.gov.za
Fax: 021 872 5292
Write: PO Box X9181, Cape Town 8000

Address your comments to “The Manager, Urban Design”

Pictured: The commissioner for the City of Cape Town's Transport and Urban Development Authority, Melissa Whitehead, leads a tour of the six Foreshore Freeway Precinct proposals with Councillor Brett Herron and Mayor Patricia de Lille.

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