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How to access the City’s Safe Space

How to access the City’s Safe Space

15 August 2018

Following the opening of the City of Cape Town’s Safe Space in July, the CCID’s Social Development department has been receiving queries on how people living on the street can access the facility.

Says CCID field worker, Mark Williams: “Judging by the questions we’ve had over the past weeks and people asking for help, we can once again say that the Safe Space project has been well-received. However, it’s important to note that while the Safe Space can be accessed free of charge, there is a procedure that must be followed.

“Those who wish to secure a place must visit the facility between 09h00 and 14h00, where they’ll be met by City of Cape Town field workers who will assist with an assessment and screening. Thereafter, the person’s name will go on the list for consideration.”

Mark has been actively involved with the Safe Space project, initiated by the City of Cape Town’s Social Development and Early Childhood Development Department, since the pilot began; making regular trips to the space even on weekends. He explains that the City uses certain criteria when allocating space and factors such as the person’s age and their level of vulnerability are taken into account: “It’s also important to remember that filling out the form doesn’t guarantee a space; it just means the person is now on the system and stands a better chance of being assisted.”

Officially opened on 17 July, the overnight Safe Space facility under the Culemborg bridge in the Foreshore area is geared to accommodate up to 230 people. Individuals at the facility have access to ablution facilities including water and storage for their belongings. In addition, the facility also offers access to a range of social and medical services, with assessments and referrals done on site. Short-term work opportunities will also be made available through the City’s Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP), among others.

At present, the CCID’s Social Development department is also running its annual “Show you care” winter drive to assist streetpeople this winter and to raise awareness about their plight. As part of its key interventions, it has donated 300 Street Sleeper sleeping bags and 600 care bags containing toiletries and other essential items to the Safe Space project. The CCID’s CEO, Tasso Evangelinos has also committed that the organisation will provide any other assistance that the City may require on this all-important project.

For more information on the Safe Space, contact the City of Cape Town Social and Early Childhood Development on 080 087 2201.

Image by Scott Arendse (CCID Online Coordinator)

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