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How to stay “festive-season safe” in the Cape Town CBD

How to stay “festive-season safe” in the Cape Town CBD

11 Dec 2017 Tags: Safety & Security

With the Central City gearing up for the festive season, the CCID is also upping its public awareness “Stash it, don’t flash it” campaign, and has these tips and hints for both local and visiting holidaymakers to ensure they stay safe in the CBD.

Often, criminals are such slick operators that a victim of a crime doesn’t even realise it’s happened until after they’ve become a statistic. According to Muneeb Hendricks, Manager of CCID Safety and Security: “Our biggest concerns are, firstly, that people are in a festive mood, and often not aware of or don’t want to think about the possibility that they could become victims of crime, and therefore may not be aware that their behaviour can open them up to this type of activity. Secondly, we know that people usually have money to spend at this time of the year. And criminals are very aware of both of these, so they look for and find opportunities.”

While the CCID now rolls out it’s highly effective “Stash it, don’t flash it” public awareness programme year round, it doubles up on its efforts with its partners over the festive season. The three most prominent types of crime that the CCID and its partners target are theft out of vehicles, pickpocketing and ATM fraud.

 “We will be targeting these to prevent them as efficiently as we always do. We also urge important visitor ‘touch points’, such as hotels and information centres, to alert their guests on how to avoid becoming victims of crime,” he explains.


To stay safe, during the festive season, Muneeb urges both local and visiting holiday makers to be aware at all times, be sensible and not create an opportunity for a crime to occur. For example:

  • Always be aware of who is around you and don’t allow people to distract you. 
  • Don’t flash your cash, jewellery, wallet or cell phone.
  • Do not leave valuables in your car or anything lying on your seat that may tempt a thief to break a window.
  • Prevent yourself from being a victim of remote jamming by physically checking that your car is locked before you walk away.
  • Be particularly vigilant when using ATMs and don’t allow anyone to distract you or offer to “help” you.

And especially for party goers:

  • Don’t accept open drinks from anyone.
  • Don’t leave with someone you just met.
  • Stay with your group.
  • When club hopping, stay on the “beaten track” within well-lit paths and avoid shortcuts.
  • Drink responsibly.

During the festive season, the CCID also upscales its on-the-street distribution of safety tips to create public awareness so people coming into the CBD don’t become victims of crimes such as ATM fraud, pickpocketing or remote jamming.

Part of the campaign is also run on the CCID’s social media campaign on its Facebook and Twitter platforms, with constant reminders that empower people to keep themselves safe by being aware at all times.

Don’t become a statistic this festive season! Use these safety tips so you don’t create an opportunity for crime to occur. If you need assistance while in the CBD or want to report suspicious activity, be sure to call the CCID’s 24-hour emergency number: 082 415 7127.