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Let’s talk rubbish

Let’s talk rubbish

12 Apr 2017 Tags: #KeepItClean urban management

The Cape Town Central City Improvement (CCID) launched its annual anti-litter, dumping and tagging campaign in the Central City in April. Here’s how it devised #KeepItClean for 2017.

If you read the CCID’s quarterly newspaper, City Views, you may be familiar with the section on page 2 that highlights the organisation’s work over the preceding three months. This “dashboard” represents all four of the CCID’s departments, each with its unique challenges. The Urban Management team are the custodians of cleanliness in the Central City. They tackle litter, dumping, tagging and much more. Looking at the Autumn 2017 issue, there are some startling figures. The department:

  • Cleaned 8 074 drains
  • Removed 807 incidents of graffiti
  • Removed 370kg of cigarette butts

All this in a 1.62km2 area, and often before you’ve even arrived for work. Imagine that. Actually, you don’t have to. Here’s a photo of one day’s street refuse collected in the CBD:

That’s 2 100kg right there. As the banner states, it costs R26 000 to remove. Eish, what a waste indeed.

We know that changing behaviour is difficult, especially when there’s no clear penalty for your actions. (Don’t be fooled, though, law enforcement can fine you heavily if they catch you littering or dumping!) This is why, in 2017, we are appealing not to a fear of punishment but to a sense of decency and civic pride. Have a look at the posters dotted around the CBD (PDSs below).

If you drop a wrapper or a cigarette after seeing these, we hope you will realise that other people – including the law – could be seeing your behaviour too.

We have some more surprise activations in store to promote the message that litter, dumping and graffiti costs time and money to remove. To follow the campaign trail, like the CCID’s Facebook page

For an introduction to the #KeepItClean campaign, read Central City's dirty secret.

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