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WHAT’S On in the CBD

CCID and Khulisa bin project expanded to Loop Street 23/1/19

The Cape Town Central City Improvement District’s (CCID) bin project, operated...

CCID festive season safety plans still in place 23/1/19

The Cape Town Central City Improvement District’s (CCID) plans to ensure that...


Urban food gardening in the Central City

Just imagine looking down on the CBD of Cape Town from a plane and instead of a seeing a sea of bare desolate, high-rise rooftops, you looked down on a productive, agricultural cityscape.

1 November | 2012

In praise of the bollard

Recently local business owners, the St Martini Evangelical Lutheran Church, the City of Cape Town and the CCID collaborated to install a set of new bollards in upper Long Street.

23 October | 2012

Conscientious consumption: saving the planet while going grocery shopping

Every time you go shopping you can contribute to sustainable community projects, support animal welfare initiatives and environmentally friendly farming practices – or even help save the rhinos – w

11 September | 2012

New SMS line makes it easy to help the homeless, responsibly

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know that your next donation to someone living on the street was used to help rather than hinder that person’s chances of making a positive change in their lives?

12 July | 2012