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CCID Energy Campaign

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The CCID has launched a comprehensive educational campaign to encourage Cape Town CBD stakeholders to save electricity, one of the scarcest resources in South Africa today. The unequivocal campaign message is, “Switch On to Switch Off. It Just Makes Good Business Sense”. 

Launched on 21 November, the campaign emphasises that stakeholders who own or rent property, or who work, live, or visit the CBD can make a significant difference, and stave off loadshedding, by implementing a range of power-saving measures – from improving a skyscraper’s energy efficiency to the simple act of switching off office equipment and appliances when not in use.

With the CBD estimated to contribute a substantial amount of the metro’s annual gross domestic product, the CCID campaign will empower affected parties to play an active role in saving costs related to occupancy, operations and living amid the country’s electricity crunch.


A step-by-step guide to becoming energy efficient forms the core of the campaign. Developed by leading experts in the energy sector as well as affected stakeholders, it includes the following recommendations:

1.    An energy audit to identify areas of high energy consumption.
2.    Upgrade to LED lighting, resulting in 80 % less energy use than traditional lamps.
3.    Optimising heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems,
4.    Promotion of energy-saving behaviour.
5.    Use of energy-efficient office equipment.
6.    Installation of renewable energy systems.
7.    Integration of battery storage to provide backup power during power outages.
8.    Implementation of demand shaving to shift energy consumption to off-peak periods when electricity prices are lower.

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The campaign supports several initiatives by the City of Cape Town to bolster the city’s power supply in the wake of ongoing power cuts and loadshedding. CCID CEO Tasso Evangelinos says through the campaign the CCID aims to assist valued inner-city property owners, tenants, and occupants in a way that “fully recognises the challenges they face amid the rolling blackouts”.

According to CCID board chairperson Rob Kane, each building should be able to save 15 % of its power by implementing measures contained in the eight-point plan and collaborating with landlords, tenants and the CCID itself.

Kane’s company, Boxwood Property Fund, is setting an excellent example in the inner city in terms of consumption reduction, having already saved 11 % on power with a further 7 to 10 % decrease targeted. It has rolled out a programme that monitors each of its buildings at night to ensure lights are turned off in unoccupied areas.
Boxwood recently received a 4-star rating from the Green Building Council for these efforts.

For more information on the campaign (click here). To download energy campaign poster(click here).

Eagle Lighting joined forces with the CCID by sponsoring 1 050 red 1W B22 LED bulbs which were handed out to visitors in the foyers of three commercial buildings in the Cape Town CBD during a campaign activation during which campaign collateral, namely an informative brochure with power saving tips, was distributed.

Eagle Lighting is South Africa’s leading lighting retailer, which has a wide range of indoor and outdoor light fittings, accessories and eco-friendly LED solutions. Find Eagle Lighting in the Central City at 63 Long St, 021 424 4071.

Thank you, Eagle Lighting, for being part of the CBD’s energy saving solution!

Eagle Lighting

Urban Management: #KeepItClean campaign

Litter is a huge problem in town. With over 1 226 tonnes of litter and illegally dumped waste being removed to landfill every year by CCID Urban Management, the department is understandably keen to address the problem and educate members of the public. Every year, the department rolls out its anti-litter campaign under the #KeepItClean banner.

The 2023 anti-litter campaign urged people NOT to trash our town, dump in our doorways, rubbish our roads and stink up our streets. Kally Benito, Urban Management manager, says the campaign formed part of the department's, and the CCID's, vision to keep the Cape Town CBD "crime-and-grime-free".

Urban Campaign artwork 2023

The hard-hitting campaign used striking emojis to get its message across, with a focus on curbing illegal dumping and decreasing ciggie-butt litter. Says Benito: "We are keen to encourage business owners to develop and implement an effective waste management plan so that we can decrease the amount of illegal dumping that takes place in town due to the fact that retailers do not have sufficient black wheelie bins for the amount of waste their businesses generate."

Two campaign activations were held in public spaces in town to highlight the problem. During the first activation, the truck of CCID cleaning contractor J&M Cleaning Services – piled high with bags of rubbish – was driven onto St Georges Mall during lunch-hour, disrupting the flow of pedestrians. The CCID was joined by City of Cape Town officials, who also promoted the City's anti-litter campaign.

Urban Campaign activation 2023

During the second activation, on Thibault Square, more than 300 bags of stinking trash were dumped in the middle of the square and then used to build a towering pyramid of trash. 

With the amount of trash collected in town on the increase, it's clear that CCID Urban Management has declared a war on waste.

"We collect over 110 000 kg of waste every month from the CBD, which equates to 21 000 bags of litter and illegally dumped waste," says Benito. "This comes at a huge cost for Cape Town ratepayers."

Read an article on this year's activations - Click Here

Campaign Material Downloads

  • For campaign images click here.

Previous campaigns

    Contact Us

    Encountering the same issues in your community? We’re always happy to share what we do. For more information on the "It's time to come clean" campaign or Urban Managements other #KeepItClean initiatives, email Aziza Patandin at

    Show You Care

    Giving the gift of hope to the Cape Town Central City’s homeless community amidst a ravaging pandemic and harsh winter conditions is the main aim of the Cape Town Central City Improvement District’s Hope for the Homeless campaign, a Show You Care initiative which was launched today. The campaign will raise funds for these six primary NGO partners: Straatwerk, The Hope Exchange, Ons Plek, The Homestead, Youth Solutions Africa and Khulisa Social Solutions.

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    Here are ways to donate:

    - SMS R10 to 38088
    - Snapscan
    - PayPal
    - EFT to First National Bank, Adderley Street, Cape Town. Branch Code 201-409. Account Number 62524024065. Account Holder: Cape Town Central City Improvement District. Account Type: Current Account  


    In addition, from July to September, we roll out our Social Development SHOW YOU CARE WINTER DRIVE. If you would like to support this targeted winter campaign, see our brochure for details here

    You can also donate winter clothes, shoes, bedding and non-perishables by dropping the items in one of 20 branded wheelie bins which will soon be rolled out in key CBD building foyers. 

    Show You Care bin

    For more information and updates, follow the CCID on Instagram (@capetownccid) and Facebook (@CapeTownCCID), or visit


    Social Services Directory

    Stash it, don't flash it

    STASH IT, DON’T FLASH IT (which also uses #StaySafe) is a CCID Safety & Security department public awareness and crime prevention campaign. While the messaging is used throughout the year by our public safety team, the campaign is relaunched each year during the festive season (December to March) to drive awareness with both locals and the high numbers of visitors who spend time in the Central City during this time of the year. Street pole and “crime disruption” posters, placed at strategic “hot spots” across the CBD, target three specific areas – namely theft out of motor vehicles, ATM fraud and pickpocketing – while extensive brochure distributions accompanied by hardcopy, radio and social media drive home all aspects of safety and common-sense awareness to ensure all those who use and enjoy the Cape Town Central City stay safe.

    Stash It - Students

    Campaign Material Downloads

    The posters and brochures mentioned above, distributed primarily in the CCID footprint during our festive season awareness campaign, can also be accessed below should you wish to support the STASH IT, DON’T FLASH IT messaging.

    Open Source Campaign Material

    In the interest of assisting with crime prevention across the Central City and beyond, some of the material conceptualised by the CCID for the STASH IT, DON’T FLASH IT campaign is now being presented as open source. To obtain access to these files to use for your own crime prevention messaging, or if you have any questions about this campaign, email Aziza Patandin at,