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WHAT’S On in the CBD


Cape Town’s CBD has become a magnet for hotel developers with the Foreshore...

Time to come clean 19/3/19

It’s time to clean up your act if you live, work, visit or do business in the...


Barista Moses Lebofa talks coffee

Moses Lebofa

His delivery is smooth and easy and contains words like “nutty”, “caramel”, “bold” and “chocolatey”.

14 May | 2019

Creating a campaign: It's time to come clean

How do you conceive a campaign on keeping the Central City clean?

14 May | 2019

Central City Happenings: 15 May 2019 TO 19 June 2019

Red Bull Cape Town circuit

The Cape Town Central City is everyone’s playground. Have a look at what’s on over the next few weeks.

14 May | 2019

CCID stormwater drains team prepares for rainy season

The CCID drain-cleaning team in action

With the rainy season imminent, the CCID’s Urban Management department is taking steps to help prevent flooding in the CBD.

14 May | 2019

Witte Wijnappel returns home

After extensive research spanning more than a decade, the exact species of the first apple picked in the Company’s Garden 357 years ago is back in its original home.

14 May | 2019

Embracing technology to manage the urban environment

The CCID’s Urban Management department is turning to technology to increase its efficiency in providing a clean, attractive and risk-reduced Central City urban environment.

14 May | 2019