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In its efforts to ensure Cape Town's Central City is a safe, clean and caring space that is open for business, the CCID works in close collaboration with a number of partners.

It’s two primary partners are the City of Cape Town and the South African Police Service (SAPS).

The CCID also partners with a number of other entities across its various departments. These include NGOs, the Western Cape Government and organisations such as the Economic Development Partnership (EDP).

City of Cape Town

The Central City is the core of the City of Cape Town's economy, and the close partnership between the CCID and the City has seen the effective revitalisation of an area once in severe decline. The CCID works with several City departments, to which it provides top-up services to complement those of the City. These include: Law Enforcement, Electricity Services, Roads & Stormwater, Health & Environmental Affairs, City Parks, Solid Waste, Public Lighting, Water & Sanitation, and Social Development & Early Childhood Development. It also liaises closely with the Inter Service Liaison Department (under which all Cape Town CIDs fall), Economic Development &; Tourism, Arts & Culture, the City’s media office and various Mayco members and councillors.

Western Cape Government

The Western Cape Government is based in the Central City, and the strong links between its core values of competence, accountability, integrity, responsiveness and care resound throughout the Central City through its work with the CCID and the City of Cape Town.

Safety & Security partners

In addition to the City’s Law Enforcement division and the South African Police Service, CCID Safety & Security also has strong working relationships with Cape Town Community Police Forum, the Metro Police and both the Green Point City Improvement District and Oranje-Kloof City Improvement District, along with a number of neighbourhood watches operational in close proximity to the CBD. The Safety & Security team also works very closely with their primary private service provider, Byers Security, which provides the Central City’s complement, 24 hours a day and seven days a week, of 300 public safety officers.

Urban Management partners

In addition to the numerous City departments noted above, the CCID Urban Management team also works in partnership with Straatwerk, a rehabilitation NGO, as well as J&M Cleaning, which renders a professional cleaning service via close to 60 full-time cleaners deployed around the clock in the CBD.

Social Development partners

In the continued effort to facilitate positive change for individuals living on the street, CCID social development initiatives are integrated with those of provincial and local authorities and relevant NGOs in the Central City. Our partners include The Homestead (which offers accommodation, family reunification and re-integration services to boys living on the street), Ons Plek (which offers accommodation, family reunification and re-integration services to girls living on the street), Youth Solutions Africa (which provides shelter skills training programmes for men and women), The Hope Exchange (which provides ablution facilities, a second-phase shelter and vocational training), Khulisa Social Solutions (which engages in work-based rehabilitation for the chronically homeless), and Straatwerk (the rehabilitation NGO with whom the Urban Management department also works).