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Cape Town Central City Improvement District (CCID) celebrates its 20th year with 20th clean audit in tough economic environment

Cape Town Central City Improvement District (CCID) celebrates its 20th year with 20th clean audit in tough economic environment

16 November 2020

Resilience and the ability to provide stability in uncertain times has been the cornerstone of the success of the Cape Town Central City Improvement District (CCID) – which celebrates its 20th clean audit in a row at its 20th Annual General Meeting in the Cape Town CBD tonight.

Speaking at the AGM, and congratulating the CCID on its 20th anniversary, CCID chairperson Rob Kane said the organisation had stood the test of time thanks to the principles that underpinned its exceptional operation, namely resilience, stability, a clear focus, decisive management and leadership.

Strong corporate governance and financial control had resulted in the organisation’s 20th clean consecutive audit, said Kane, who celebrates 10 years as CCID board chairperson.

Kane said the CCID’s mandate - which was to provide top-up services in addition to those provided by its primary partners to ensure the CBD of Cape Town was safe, clean, caring and open for business - had remained unchanged over two decades. However, the organisation had retained its relevancy to its community.

“The four pillars of our CCID mandate have remained unchanged over many years, namely Safety & Security, Urban Management, Social Development and Communication. However, the CCID has retained its relevance to its community by constantly evolving and adapting to circumstances on the ground,” said Kane.

The CCID had worked “incredibly hard” with its primary partners over two decades to stabilise the Cape Town Central City and transform it from the “crime-and-grime” scenario  which existed 20 years ago – a scenario investors couldn’t wait to escape – to the CBD of today where the value of property was now R44 billion and where the total value of property investment into the CBD in 2019 was R13.8 billion.

CEO Tasso Evangelinos, who also celebrates 20 years with the organisation, said the CCID’s 20th anniversary was not only a celebration for the organisation but for the “whole of Cape Town”.  “Our hard work and dedication over two decades have paid off,” he said.

Evangelinos said he and his team remained humbled “to have been entrusted with this work … it has been the most challenging of years.”

The CCID had been always been willing to “try new things” and see “solutions rather than problems” in its work in the Cape Town CBD, Evangelinos noted. This had contributed to its success.

“Maintaining this success this year during the pandemic has placed huge demands on our organisation but we rose to the challenge from the get-go and were prepared to face the ultimate test, swiftly adapting our operational strategies and continuing to deliver on our mandate of keeping the city centre safe, clean, caring – especially during the lockdown levels when it was not open for business.”

Congratulating Evangelinos on his achievement, Kane said the CCID CEO had a “deep understanding” of the CCID’s multi-faceted and complex work streams, and also understood how the CCID’s partners, namely SAPS, the City of Cape Town and various NGOs, worked. “Tasso lives and breathes the CCID and the CBD, and he embodies all the characteristics of the organisation he leads, namely resilience, stability, innovation and passion.”

Kane also congratulated CCID board member Julian Leibman of Investec on his 20 years on the CCID board, saying his guidance, commitment and deep knowledge had been invaluable.

To access the CCID 2019-2020 Annual Report click here



The following are some of the statistics achieved during the 2019-2020 financial year, per department, as highlighted during the CCID’s AGM presentation.

Safety & Security

392                  Number of arrests made together with the CCID’s law enforcement partners
7 615               Number of fines issues by CCID-funded LEOs to the value of R4.6 million
79 055              Crime prevention initiatives conducted
46 224              Total interactions yielded by CCID preventative strategy for the current year
6 816               Fines issued by CCID-funded traffic wardens totalling R4 574 900.

Urban Management

783                  Tons of litter and waste removed to landfill by street sweepers
404                  Road maintenance repairs undertaken
43.7                 Tons of waste removed by cleaning storm water drains and channels
33.98               Tons of illegally dumped waste removed to landfill
1 625                 Total kilograms of cigarette butts removed from the 300 CCID-branded cigarette bins

Social Development

2 332               Number of engagements with clients on the streets
203                  Adults placed in shelters
64                    Clients assisted to healthcare facilities
156                  Clients referred to NGOs for general services
184                  Clients referred to Streetscapes, Straatwerk and TB HIV Care
127                  Adults transported to their homes for potential reunification
9 703               Number of needles collected in public spaces in association with TB HIV Car                     


820                  Media clips generated across broadcast (96), online (427) and print (297)
R24 507 155    Value of total media exposure obtained during the year
1 007 558 808 Total estimated reach of readers/viewers in terms of the media clips generated
191 400           Copies of the CCID publications produced and distributed
77 189             Subscribers reached across the CCID’s various online platforms (three Facebook pages, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Issuu, LinkedIn, the CCID website and via the monthly e-Newsletter)
91 600              Items distributed with regard to the CCID’s many targeted campaigns
607 652            People reached through organic Facebook posts with sponsored posts reaching 148 900 people

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