by CCID 1 Jul 2019

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Assist in restoring dignity

Our Social Development department is launching its annual winter “Show you care” campaign in July to raise public awareness about the plight of streetpeople during the colder months. We cannot do it alone and are asking for your assistance to help restore the dignity of our streetpeople community by donating money, warm clothing, instant food, toiletries and shoes.

Life on the street can be extremely tough and with winter in full swing and most of us hoping that it will be a wet one, providing much-needed rains, my team and I, as well as our partner NGOs, find that winter is an even more difficult period for people living on the street. They often suffer from various health issues as they struggle to find protection from the rain and cold. During this time, far greater demands are also often placed on our NGO partners as there is an increased need for additional shelter space as well as warm, dry clothing and food. Toiletries are often also more in demand as people seek an opportunity to have a warm shower.

Any support from you as members of the public in the way of abovementioned goods, or other offers of assistance to support the work of the NGOs rendering services to the homeless community will go a long way to restore dignity and ease the difficulty of people living on the street.