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Matt Manning's Wine Library Club

If any restaurateur’s been thinking out of the box during Covid-19 it’s Matt Manning.

29 July | 2021

CBD eateries' takeout menus - June 2021

Roll up and order, hungry folks! Fancy a warming bowl of soup with grilled cheese from Clarke's bar and dining room or a three-course meal from Pilcrow & Cleaver?

1 July | 2021

New uplifting initiative from Test Kitchen team

With its focus on advancing skills while preparing tasty food, The Test Kitchen Fledgelings is a very welcome addition to the Cape Town Central City food scene.

1 June | 2021

Halaal restaurants in the Cape Town CBD

The Cape Town Central City is known for its eateries. In fact, there are 140 restaurants in the CBD. A selection caters to the city’s Muslim community.

6 May | 2021

Say hello to Penny Noire

There is a sprinkling of female wine experts in the Mother City and sommelier Penny Setti is one of them.

29 March | 2021

Mothers of invention

Necessity is the mother of invention, as the saying goes. And nowhere is this more apt than in downtown Cape Town where savvy business owners have pushed back at a harsh pandemic.

20 March | 2021