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A FYN achievement

Jennifer Hugé, Peter Tempelhoff and Ashley Moss

When FYN Restaurant opened its doors in 2018, its founders undoubtedly hoped it would be a success. Fact is, it has surpassed their wildest dreams.

7 October | 2019

Cape Town Coffee Festival deemed a success

The long-awaited Cape Town Coffee Festival’s successful debut has further enhanced the Central City’s vibrant and growing coffee culture.

19 June | 2019

Barista Moses Lebofa talks coffee

Moses Lebofa

His delivery is smooth and easy and contains words like “nutty”, “caramel”, “bold” and “chocolatey”.

14 May | 2019

Cooking up a storm at Gorgeous George

It’s all happening at Gorgeous George, the innovative downtown boutique hotel set to open in St Georges Mall in April.

22 March | 2019