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Surviving Covid: Reimagining Cape Town's property sector

Commercial, residential and retail property is being redefined in post-pandemic times.

31 May | 2022

The Bailey on Bree: Liam Tomlin's grand new venture

Rich in heritage, with grand wining and dining splendour, The Bailey by chef-businessman Liam Tomlin opens this month with a bow to a service-driven era

31 May | 2022

Business confidence in Cape Town CBD soars

Business confidence in downtown Cape Town continued its late 2021 recovery during the first quarter of 2022, according to the Cape Town Central City Improvement District’s latest Retail Con

25 April | 2022

How inner cities can thrive

If inner cities are to survive and thrive, out-of-the box thinking is crucial.

31 March | 2022

Capetonians head back to the office

It’s official – Capetonians are heading back to the office, according to traffic data and company leaders who say "it’s time to get back to work".

28 February | 2022

Top 5 living & working trends in 2022

As we enter our third Covid year, new ways of living and working continue to emerge. Here we identify the top five for 2022.

31 January | 2022