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Landmark Cape Town murals reimagined

The striking murals of beloved South African stalwarts Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu that grace the windows of the Cape Town Civic Centre have been revamped and enhanced.

30 June | 2022

Mesmerising mosaics set to enliven Cape Town CBD

An innovative street art project is set to boost tourism in the Cape Town Central City and create meaningful interactions while generating income for local artists and artisans.

30 May | 2022

City Hall: Jewel in the Cape Town CBD's crown

It’s the jewel in the Cape Town CBD’s crown.

28 February | 2022

Cape Town CBD's art economy on the mend

Cape Town’s art economy is back with a bang after two devastating pandemic years, reaffirming Cape Town’s status as Africa’s leading art capital.

28 February | 2022

The cape of adventure

With travel restrictions easing the world over, and South Africa off the dreaded “red list” of many countries, tourists are returning to our splendid shores.

31 January | 2022

Wall art enlivens downtown Cape Town

Cape Town’s trendy Bree Street has been enhanced with 10 vibrant murals thanks to a creative initiative that promotes the work of local street artists.

15 December | 2021