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Celebrating the arts

Partnerships are crucial to maintain the Cape Town Central City’s vibrancy as the arts slowly regain lost ground after a devastating pandemic year with ongoing lockdowns.

2 July | 2021

Artscape's five-decade journey

As it celebrates its golden jubilee, Cape Town’s Artscape Theatre Centre has embarked on a poignant journey “from inhumanness to humanity”.

31 May | 2021

Laura Robinson's 10 choice CBD spaces & places

Laura Robinson directs the all-important work of the Cape Town Heritage Trust from an idyllic cottage on the edge of the Company’s Garden in the heart of the Central City.

22 September | 2020

Theatres in a lockdown world

Marlene le Roux, CEO of Artscape Theatre Centre.

Virtual performances have entertained audiences aptly during Covid-19 lockdowns around the world, but they will never replace live performances.

31 August | 2020

Jason Whitehead: Chef in quarantine

“Covid-19 is a virus to the body but medicine to humanity.” These words by Ladles of Love founder Danny Diliberto epitomise people like Cape Town chef and hospitality consultant Jason White

31 August | 2020

First Thursdays: The word on the street

First Thursdays, an initiative started in 2012 by Thursdays Projects, has become an institution in the Cape Town CBD, contributing significantly to the night-time economy.

27 March | 2020