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Cape Town CBD poised to become a student housing hub

The dearth of student accommodation available in Cape Town presents a major opportunity for the private sector.

30 June | 2022

Choice Cape Town CBD staycations

Sleeping over in the ever-vibrant Cape Town CBD need not be a boring affair. If you’re here for one night or 30, you’ll be spoilt for choice with where to rest your head.

31 May | 2022

Luxury Cape Town inner-city hotel stays

There are splendid stays to be had in Cape Town: luxe hotel penthouses and presidential suites abound in South African’s most beautiful city.

31 March | 2022

Cape Town city centre hotels entice local visitors

In 48 short hours following Omicron becoming global news, South Africa’s

14 December | 2021

Long Street Baths: A secret sanctuary

An inner-city sanctuary, the graceful, entrancing Long Street Baths is part of the fabric of the city.

29 November | 2021

Vibrant urban lifestyle attracts residents to Cape Town’s CBD

Could living in downtown Cape Town be for you?

2 December | 2020