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31 Jul 2023

New Safety & Security head for CCID

CCID Safety & Security has been bolstered with the appointment of Jurie Bruwer as the department head. Bruwer, who has…

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20 Dec 2021

How to have a safe holiday season

It’s time for some well-deserved rest and relaxation. Here’s how to stay safe over the holidays when you come into town to…

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29 Nov 2021

Cape Town CBD security beefed up for holiday season

Safety in the Cape Town CBD is being beefed up ahead of the Festive Season, with the Cape Town Central City Improvement…

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13 Jul 2021

City finalises operational plan to mitigate risks of public unrest

The City of Cape Town has been working on an operational plan to mitigate the risk of public unrest, amid ongoing scenes of…

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10 May 2021

Crime in CBD drops drastically during Covid-19

Crime in the Cape Town CBD dropped by 56.5 % from the onset of restrictions to stem the coronavirus epidemic in March 2020…

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27 May 2020

Crime in the CBD set to increase

Opportunistic crime in the Cape Town CBD is expected to increase "marginally" when the nationwide lockdown eases and various…

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17 Apr 2020

Cape Town CBD crime rate plummets during lockdown

Despite a spate of opportunistic incidents, crime in the Cape Town CBD has dropped dramatically during Lockdown. Only 35…

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15 Jan 2020

Crime decreases in CBD over festive period

The CCID’s crime-prevention strategy over the festive season is paying off with a decrease in the three main crimes committed…

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9 Jan 2020

Ahead of the game

He is on a mission to ensure the CBD stays safe for its residents and visitors, and his work includes the use of ground-…

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9 Dec 2019

Stay safe over the festive season

Be mindful of your surroundings, and be sensible. That way you won’t become a victim of crime in the CBD. This is the message…

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6 Nov 2019

Crime decreases in city centre

The number of contact crimes in the Cape Town CBD has decreased in the last three months thanks to regular joint operations by…

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8 Oct 2019

CCID Safety & Security introduces new team

The CCID’s Safety & Security department has introduced a new impact team to strengthen its efforts to curb crime in the…

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7 Oct 2019

Woman security officers excel at the CCID

Women officers working in the CCID’s Safety & Security department bring passion, perseverance and dedication to the job.…

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24 Jul 2019

Cape Town central city safety measures hold their own globally

Security measures in place to ensure safety in the Cape Town Central City are in line with other international cities, if not…

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19 Jun 2019

CBD stakeholders can help to fight crime in the CBD

CBD stakeholders can help to fight crime and make a difference by doing three simple things, says CCID Safety & Security…

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14 May 2019

Curbing crime in the CBD: theft out of motor vehicles

Theft out of motor vehicles is an ongoing, and ever-increasing, problem in the busy Cape Town Central City, especially at night…

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17 Apr 2019


More resources are needed to increase visible policing on the streets of downtown Cape Town to secure ongoing investment, says…

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16 Apr 2019


While ATMs provide a fast and convenient way to transact 24 hours a day without going into a bank, their increased usage has…

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19 Mar 2019

Sector Policing: How you can get involved

Fighting crime is everyone’s responsibility – it’s not only the duty of the police and other law enforcement agencies. The best…

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21 Feb 2019

Volunteers honoured for keeping the Central City safe

The City of Cape Town’s Law Enforcement volunteers were recently celebrated for their exemplary efforts to fight crime in the…

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23 Jan 2019

CCID festive season safety plans still in place

The Cape Town Central City Improvement District’s (CCID) plans to ensure that both local and visiting holidaymakers stay safe…

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12 Dec 2018

Tips to keep yourself safe this festive season

For the Cape Town Central City Improvement District (CCID), it is of utmost importance to ensure that the Central City remains…

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12 Dec 2018

CCID launches festive season safety campaign for Cape Town Central City

To help ensure that both locals and visitors have peace of mind while enjoying themselves in the CBD during the festive season…

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21 Nov 2018

CCID gearing up to launch its festive season safety plans

The CCID is gearing up to launch its 2018-19 crime prevention and public awareness “Stash it, don’t flash it” campaign as well…

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15 Oct 2018

You can now contact CCID Safety & Security via WhatsApp

Members of the public who wish to report safety issues in the Central City can now contact the Cape Town Central City…

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