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Collaborating to clean downtown Cape Town

A night-time project to clean up the Cape Town CBD and ensure it retains its investment allure speaks to Winston Churchill’s philosophy to “never let a good crisis go to waste”.

30 September | 2021

Maintaining the fabric of Cape Town's Central City

As city centres around the world grapple with harsh Covid-19 lockdown restrictions, the Cape Town Central City is holding its own, bench by bench, thanks in no small part to the daily grind

27 July | 2021

Staff News: CCID appoints new Urban Management Manager

Carlisle Marankey, Scott Arendse, Kally Benito, Sharon Sorour-Morris & Aziza Patandin

If anyone is on a mission to keep the CBD clean, it’s the new manager of the Cape Town Central City Improvement District’s (CCID) Urban Management department.

2 December | 2020

CCID puts sanitising squad to work

They’ve been hard at work for months, disinfecting the public spaces of the CBD to help fight the spread of Covid-19. Meet the CCID’s Sanitising Squad.

13 October | 2020

CCID bids Richard Beesley farewell

Tasso Evangelinos, Richard Beesley & Rob Kane

For more than a decade, Richard Beesley arrived at work at the crack of dawn to inspect the Cape Town CBD.

23 July | 2020

Cleaning an empty CBD is still dirty work

Cleaning the streets of a deserted Cape Town Central City is still dirty work — even during the nationwide lockdown in South Africa that initially saw the busy downtown stripped of its usua

27 May | 2020