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CCID introduces precinct commanders

CCID introduces precinct commanders

15 August 2018

In an effort to improve safety services rendered within the CBD, the Cape Town Central City Improvement District’s (CCID) Safety & Security department has introduced precinct commanders within its portfolio.

Formally introduced on 1 June 2018, the 12 precinct commanders are now a permanent fixture within the CCID’s Safety & Security portfolio and are deployed to visit the CCID’s team of around 230 public safety officers (PSOs) who patrol the streets around the clock on foot and in vehicles. Seventy officers patrol the streets during the day and 60 at night and all are in constant radio contact with the CCID’s 24/7 control centre (082 415 7127).

Says Muneeb “Mo” Hendricks, manager of CCID Safety & Security: “The area within which we operate as the CCID is divided into four precincts, namely, Precinct 1 (the Foreshore), Precinct 2, Precinct 3 and Precinct 4 (East City). As such, from a safety and security aspect, we deploy a dedicated team of PSOs to each precinct.  And since we’re dealing with a human element, it’s crucial that we have a proper supervisory and management structure in place to ensure that the members are where they supposed to be, doing what they should be doing and that their support structure is enhanced. And this is where the precinct commanders come in.

“They’re on the ground visiting each member under their command at least three times per shift and we’ve equipped them with New York City-style commuter bikes to ensure they’re able to rapidly navigate the streets of our CBD. These members can also respond to incidents in their respective precincts and take command and control of all members who responded. They also regularly visit our stakeholders to foster relationships within the Central City.”

The 12 precinct commanders were specifically recruited for their posts and are a higher grade of security than the normal CCID PSOs. They have also undergone specific training at the CCID training centre to equip them for their new positions.

“While this latest strategy to deploy precinct commanders in order to enhance our services is fairly new,” says Mo, “we are satisfied with the results so far as fewer foot-officer complaints are being received. And members are visible in their precincts and are addressing issues encountered.”

In addition to the 230 PSOs, manager Mo, assistant manager, Alec Van De Rheede and the new precinct commanders, the CCID’s Safety & Security department also has two night managers Martinus “TJ” Jenkins and Gary Dyssel who play crucial roles that see them walking the beat at night dealing with issues such as aggressive begging, informal trading, traffic transgressions, criminality and bylaw infringements. The CCID also employs 6 traffic wardens as well as 20 dedicated City Law Enforcement officers to assist it in providing powers of arrest and being able to issue fines, giving the organisation a broader reach in terms of the law. The department also recently upgraded its incident reporting system in a bid to improve its crime prevention efforts in the Central City and continues to work hand-in-hand with other safety partners to provide top-up services to those delivered by its primary safety partners – the City of Cape Town’s Law Enforcement agency and the South African Police Service.

Image by Scott Arendse (CCID Online Coordinator). Precinct Commanders from left to right are Officers Mhlanguli Nkwali, Mgibantaka Siyavuya, Dumisani Stali and Khetani David Joni

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