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CCID launches 2019 "Show You Care" Winter Campaign

CCID launches 2019 "Show You Care" Winter Campaign

24 July 2019

The CCID has launched its 2019 “Show you care” winter campaign with an ambitious fundraising drive to raise R100 000 for the homeless.

The annual campaign supports the CCID Social Development department’s efforts to make winter more bearable for people living on the street in the Central City and surrounding communities. It also aims to bring into the public eye the plight of the homeless as well as highlight the work done by the department’s field workers who engage daily with the Central City’s most vulnerable individuals.


The focus of the 2019 “Show you care” winter campaign is to raise R100 000 for the homeless via SnapScan, which makes it easy to support. The public can look out for the code and details of how to donate on social media, including the Show You Care and CCID Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as Instagram. Hundreds of “table-talkers” with the code and details of the fundraising drive are also on tables and countertops in restaurants, hotels and retailers throughout the CBD. Street-pole posters bearing the campaign message and the SnapScan code will also soon be up in pedestrianised areas of the Central City.


CCID CEO Tasso Evangelinos called on the public to support the CCID in its bid to give hope and dignity to the community of street people in the Cape Town Central City and surrounding communities.

“I urge corporates as well as individuals to be generous and open-hearted and make a donation towards our campaign as our collective efforts, no matter how small, have the power to make a huge difference.

“Helping our homeless community in their time of need can be likened to attempting to eat an elephant on your own. The problems loom large and the need is inexhaustible. However, a collective effort by ‘a lot of hungry partners’ is key and goes a long way in helping those less fortunate than ourselves,” Tasso says.

CCID Social Development manager Pat Eddy shares Tasso’s sentiments adding: “It’s a message we promote throughout the year: Show you care. It is integral to the Social Development department and we reiterate it for 12 months, because the challenges our homeless community face are not seasonal.

 “However, during winter, we intensify this with our “Show you care” winter campaign because the challenges living on the street present to the homeless multiply during Cape Town’s cold and wet conditions.”


The funds raised will be distributed to various CCID partner NGOs. Many of the NGOs that the CCID’s Social Development department works with assist adults living on the streets with shelter (when it is available), as well as food and social services, while others ensure that children are afforded the necessary care and protection.

According to Pat, during the winter period, far greater demands are also often placed on these NGOs as there is an increased need for additional shelter space as well as warm, dry clothing and food. And toiletries are often also more in demand as people seek an opportunity to have a warm shower.

Homelessness in the Cape Town CBD is a pressing problem and one that can’t be tackled without the help of the greater Cape Town community. The CCID’s Social Development team works closely with NGOs on a daily basis to ensure that those living on the street are made aware of shelters, food facilities and social services that are available to them.


In exchange for their generosity, Central City retailers who come on board stand a chance to qualify for a quarter-page write-up in the CCID’s quarterly newspaper, City Views as well as publicity on the CCID’s online platforms.

Says Tasso: “We are heartened by the support we have received so far from businesses across all our four precincts and are confident more will come on board. We’re also optimistic that people who come across these will make a life-changing donation and help us raise R100 000 for the homeless.”

For those who don’t have Snapscan and would like to make a monetary donation, this can easily be done by SMSing “give” to 38088 (to donate R10). Alternatively, donors can make an EFT payment, the details of which (along with terms and conditions for all donations received) can be found at www.showyoucare.co.za.

The “Show you care” winter campaign is scheduled to run until September 2019. To inquire about SnapScan "table-talkers", contact Aziza Patandin on 021 286 0846 or email her at aziza@capetownccid.org.

  • The Tough Times supplement

The Tough Times supplement, contained in the last issue of City Views, lists various ways in which you can show your generosity to people living on the street. The supplement also highlights the work of individuals who interact closely with street people in the CBD and surrounding areas to help debunk some of the myths associated with this community. It also casts the spotlight on some of the CCID’s partner NGOs and the exemplary work they’re doing this winter.

IMAGES: Scott Arendse (CCID Online Coordinator)

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