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Other ways to show you care

Other ways to show you care

21 June 2017

The CCID challenges the Central City’s private sector to get involved with uplifting the community so we can collectively demonstrate the spirit of #ShowYouCare. Here are three initiatives you could support.

Buy a Street Sleeper

Street Sleeper is an NPO that upcycles vinyl billboards into sleeping bags for the homeless. This transforms the negative impact of waste into immediate relief for those living on the street. The bag is durable and waterproof, and transforms into a carrier bag for storing possessions during the day. At night, the user can fill the pillow slip area with clothes for head support.

The CCID has purchased 150 “Show you care”-branded Street Sleepers for distribution to its Social Development clients. In the event of a Street Sleeper going missing, a CCID fieldworker will be able to return the bag, when found, through a numbering system that will link the property back to the original recipient.

If you would like to buy Street Sleepers or fund a similar project to the CCID’s, please visit www.streetsleeper.org.

Help a friend

Obey Togarepi is an operations supervisor at Straatwerk. If you’re a regular City Views reader, you may recall our 2016 story about Obey’s health and the efforts of a CCID employee to raise money for him.

“Go home and spend time with your family.” These were the words of a doctor at a state hospital when Obey sought help after receiving a diagnosis of kidney failure in November 2015. A Zimbabwean citizen, he was not allowed to access public healthcare in SA, even though he had an SA work permit.

Obey started dialysis at a private facility in March 2016, with most of his salary going towards two treatments per week, as well as supplementary medical expenses and a special diet. At the same time, he applied for private medical aid but was subject to a 12-month waiting period due to his pre-existing condition. His wife, Ashell, also brings in earnings (sometimes working seven days a week) but, between them, there hasn’t been enough to cover his healthcare out of pocket and support their two children, one of whom has since started grade 1.

CCID online coordinator Scott Arendse decided to step in, raising R30 000 for Obey and his family through a 12-hour tennis marathon in May 2016. Scott repeated the challenge on 3 June this year to celebrate the end of Obey’s healthcare waiting period, and raised close to R9 000 by the time of going to print. Obey’s ongoing monthly dialysis has transferred to his medical aid and he will have access to more of his salary. But life will remain a struggle and expenses will continue to mount until he receives a transplant.

If you would like to help Obey out, please contact Scott Arendse at scott@capetownccid.org.

Support a business

Jarovi Trading, an independent company formed by two original Straatwerk participants in 2014, provides a variety of services. These include distribution of flyers and newspapers, graffiti removal and event management.

The directors are Robert Viga and Vitalis Mhlanga, who came to Cape Town in 2009. They both fell upon hard times and were unable to find work. Robert joined Straatwerk in June of that year, and Vitalis in October, and the two struck up a close friendship as they upskilled on the job. In 2013, Straatwerk manager Hannes van der Merwe gave them an entrepreneurship opportunity to take over the distribution of this very newspaper. Says Robert: “We regard Hannes as our mentor and we are so grateful to him.”

Robert and Vitalis registered Jarovi Trading as a company in 2014 and have distributed the CCID’s quarterly newspaper, City Views, ever since. They have added to their portfolio over time and wish to take on more clients so they can increase their capacity for creating work for others. They recently assisted with the CCID Urban Management department’s #KeepItClean activations in the CBD, with CCID project coordinator Aziza Patandin referring to their professionalism and enthusiasm as “outstanding”.

Says Robert: “When we need extra people for projects, we get them via Straatwerk. But our long-term goal is to give street people income and incentives in the form of permanent employment.”

If you want to find out more about Jarovi Trading’s services, visit www.jarovitrading.co.za.


Ladles of Love

Ladles of Love started as a soup kitchen for 70 street people but now serves over 800 meals a week in three venues: St Georges Mall, The Carpenter’s Shop, and The Haven in Napier Street. It has served over 70 000 free meals in total. The organisation is looking to partner with people and businesses who want to help on an ongoing basis. To find out how, visit www.ladlesoflove.org.za or call Danny Diliberto on 073 720 8088.


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