by CCID 21 Jun 2017

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Show you care: help sponsor a project

For many years, the CCID has worked with key stakeholders on programmes to assist the homeless and destitute, putting its money where its mouth is.

Several of the CCID’s projects are now ripe for expansion, while new ones are in development. We would like to challenge the Central City’s private sector to get involved with uplifting the community so we can collectively demonstrate the spirit of #ShowYouCare. Here are two projects currently seeking sponsorship.

Khulisa Streetscapes

Value: R2 146 560 – seeking sponsorship of R1 497 600

With the tag line “Reinventing lives”, Khulisa is an NPO that empowers people and communities to unlock their potential. Its Cape Town office, in the CBD, creates diversion programmes that enable minor offenders to upskill themselves towards gainful employment, and ultimately reintegrate into society and away from what could otherwise become a spiral of crime.

The project

The Streetscapes programme is primarily for the chronic homeless and repeat offenders who are often unable to stay at shelters due to heavy drinking or drug use. Many of them have been on the streets for decades, making reintegration under their current circumstances near impossible. Lack of diversion options for reoffenders has led to a vicious cycle of arrests and losing of hope, dignity and belongings.

Khulisa advocates for sheltered employment for this group, with many opportunities existing within the green economy; ie urban gardening and recycling projects.

An initial pilot with 40 participants delivered these results:

  • Individuals were happy to work, providing the work was in line with their capability.
  • The income they received brought routine and structure to their lives as well as providing a sense of dignity and purpose.
  • 77% of the participants were able to move off the streets, with 68% addressing their substance abuse.

Along with assisting with the identification of suitable participants from its own street clients for the pilot, the CCID also contributed towards the costs of the programme coordinator, a part-time trainer, a part-time substance abuse counsellor, and obtaining IDs for participants.

The City of Cape Town’s Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) provided stipends for the first three months. The CCID then funded additional stipends beyond this period to ensure the sustainability of the project.

The sponsorship “ask”

The programme would need R2 146 560 to run for another two years. Of this, the CCID has committed to sponsoring R648 000, if an additional partner sponsor can fund the balance of R1 497 600 (mainly for expansion to the garden and to develop other work opportunities).

Central City ablution facilities

Value: R2 291 736 – seeking sponsorship of R1 917 336

One of the biggest asks of our CBD homeless community is for adequate public ablution facilities. The few that do exist are kilometres away from each other and only open for very limited hours during the day.

The project

The CCID wishes to acquire three portable ablution units that would remain open from 06h00 till 23h00. It wants to station these close to its own mobile public service and information kiosks to afford users security and peace of mind. Serviced by participants in programmes with the CCID’s NGO partners, these facilities would also create work opportunities – a total of 4 368 four-hour shifts each year.

The sponsorship “ask”

A total of R2 291 736 would enable this project to run for two years. The CCID has already committed to sponsoring R374 400 towards the costs of consumables in the use and maintenance of the facilities, and is seeking R1 917 336 towards the capital equipment costs of the units and servicing them in terms of cleaning and waste removal.

How others have already helped: expansion of Youth Solutions Africa’s Woodstock shelter

One of the CCID’s primary partners in the Cape Town CBD, Youth Solutions Africa (YSA) works to reduce the number of homeless people living on the streets, and provides temporary shelter offering beds, access to ablution facilities and two meals a day. By the beginning of 2016, it was able to accommodate up to 60 men and women at its Woodstock facility. But with the number of homeless in the CBD area being around 700, this was a drop in the ocean, with beds in extremely high demand.

To ensure at least 18 beds could be set aside for the CCID’s own clients, early in 2016 the CCID approached YSA with an offer to fund an upgrade of the facility to the value of R249 700. This included the building of four additional dormitories to accommodate more people, upgrading of ablution and kitchen facilities, provision of furniture and fittings, and building of 14 additional lockers.

In turn, the project drew sponsorship from Eris Properties (which contributed R50 000 to project management fees) and Tsogo Sun (which donated a stove and cooker). Other concerned CBD stakeholders donated carpeting, linens and kitchen appliances.

The CCID is now purchasing materials to tile YSA’s ablution area, and providing the facility with an additional 18 steel lockers for its clients.