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What's on in the CBD

What's on in the CBD

30 August 2021

Tired of lurking in the ‘burbs? Come back to town, and check out what Central City retailers, who adhere strictly to Covid-19 safety protocols, have in store for you.


Feeling Blue
Now on till 30 September 2021

When the pandemic struck, Oda Tungodden says she found herself feeling blue. The resultant paintings reflect her emotional state which she says “wasn’t just sadness but dirty muddy riverbank water, dark thunderstorms filled with rain, splashes of orange and the smell of green in spring. It was a thousand different hues”. Other exhibitions currently showing at 99 Loop Gallery include “XYZ” by Gaelen Pinnock, “Undemolished” by Richard Ketley and Mia Darling’s “Bunny Girl”.
Where: 99 Loop Gallery, 99 Loop St
When: 10h00 – 15h00 (Monday to Saturday), 10h00 – 14h00 (Saturday)
Cost: Free

Before Four and After Two
2 September to 7 October 2021

After a successful 50th anniversary exhibition, the Association for Visual Arts Gallery (AVA) has another exciting show coming up. It’s by Christian Nerf and is called “Before Four and After Two”. Nerf explains on Fountainhead that he “strives to create works and situations that encourage us to think again and think ahead. I try to be thoughtful, to be human and to make public these insights and ways of dealing with living in the now”.
Where: AVA Gallery, 35 Church St
When: 10h00 – 17h000 (Weekdays), 10h00 – 13h00 (Saturday)
Cost: Free

Now on till 2 October 2021

THK Gallery is showing a beautiful exhibition celebrating prominent photographers Tom D. Jones, Carol Beckwith, Angela Fisher, and Douglas Kirkland. They are all due to participate in Paris Photo 2021 in November, dubbed “the largest international art fair dedicated to the photographic medium”.
Where: 52 Waterkant St, THK Gallery
When: 10h00 – 18h00 (Tuesday to Friday), 10h00 – 15h00 (Saturday)
Cost: Free

Now on till 30 November 2021

With the World Economic Forum reporting that the jellyfish population is expanding in leaps and bounds, climate change could be to blame. This Iziko exhibition aims to raise awareness about these sea creatures and their role in marine ecosystems. The presentation also highlights the impact people have on the environment and how these unsustainable practices lead to climate change and impact food security.
Where: Iziko South African Museum, 25 Queen Victoria St
When: 10h00 – 11h30 and 12h30 – 14h00 (Tuesday to Sunday for two entry sessions)
Cost: R15 – R30

Kemet: Life in Ancient Egypt
Now on till 31 March 2022

If you’ve ever wanted to explore ancient Egypt, check out this Iziko exhibition in partnership with the Friends of Design: Academy of Digital Arts. Using augmented reality, the show explores how prehistoric Egypt has shaped our world today in terms of writing systems, pharaohs, science and technology, beliefs and religion, and recreation.
Where: Iziko Slave Lodge, cnr Adderley and Wale sts
When: 10h00 – 14h30 (Tuesday to Saturday)
Cost: R30 – R15


Live music at Local at Heritage Square

Catch gifted local musicians singing live at Local at Heritage Square on Wednesdays. The various venues inside have a great variety of food and drink options on offer.
Where: Shortmarket St, Local at Heritage Square
When: 18h00 – 20h00⁠
Cost: Free

History of Cape Town
8, 25 September and 23 October 2021

Kate Crane Briggs of Culture Connect SA, South Africa’s only art and design tour specialist offering both public and private tours, has three walking tours exploring Cape Town’s rich history. These will be led by experienced tourist guide Lesley Cox, who will share fascinating stories that make Cape Town unique. If you’d like a private tour, contact Crane Briggs on 072 377 8014 or email kate@cultureconnectsa.com. Her walking tours focus on design and architecture, heritage, and social history as well as art studios, curators, artists and Cape Town’s creative scene.
Where: Haas, 19 Buitenkant St (starting point and will end by the World War memorials in Company’s Gardens)
When: 10h00 – 12h00
Cost: R250 if you pay 10 days prior and R300 thereafter.

City Sightseeing South Africa

The popular and much-loved Red Bus by City Sightseeing South Africa is a great way to discover or rediscover Cape Town and its surroundings. It has a range of packages to choose from for both kids and adults including a Hop on Hop Off Tour between the CBD and the V&A Waterfront. The two-day Premium Hop On-Hop Off Ticket includes an option to choose between a Harbour or Canal Cruise in between the three stops.
Where: City Sightseeing South Africa, 81 Long St
When: 09h00 – 16h52
Cost: R49 – R499

Jim Beam Welcome Sessions
4 September 2021

It’s great to see musicians getting a platform to showcase their talents again. Through this initiative, The House Of Machines in association with Jim Beam is connecting artists from different backgrounds. The first edition includes PHFAT and The Medicine Dolls, two bands that fans wouldn’t normally see in the same line-up.
Where: The House Of Machines Cape Town, 84 Shortmarket St
When: 17h00 – 19h00
Cost: R50

Youth to Masters Jazz Festival
10 to 13 September 2021

Artscape Theatre Centre’s golden jubilee celebrations continue. Up next is a three-day Jazz Festival featuring performances by aspiring Western Cape-based musicians and instrumentalists. The show will conclude with celebrated Jazz artists such as Gloria Bosman, Richard Caesar, Adelia Douw, George Werner, Alvin Dyers and Charles Louw, taking to the stage with the young musicians. Strict Covid-19 protocols are in place to keep everyone safe.
Where: Artscape Theatre Centre, D.F. Malan St
When: 19h00
Cost: R80

Heritage Day
24 September 2021

To commemorate Heritage Day, Iziko Museums of South Africa is offering free entry to the Slave Lodge (corner Adderley and Wale streets), Iziko South African Museum (Queen Victoria St) or the Iziko South African National Gallery (Government Ave).
When: 09h00 – 11h00, 11h15 – 13h00, 13h15 – 11h45 (three entry sessions with sanitisation in between)
Cost: Free

Planetarium shows
Now on 1 October 2021

Ever wondered how seasons work and why summer days feel longer? All is revealed in “Tilt”, a wonderful adventure at the Planetarium. Other great shows to catch are “Polaris”, featuring a travelling penguin from the South Pole and a funny bear from the North Pole, as well as “Dark Universe” about spacecraft.
Where: Planetarium, 25 Queen Victoria St
When: 10h00 – 14h30 (Tuesday to Sunday)
Cost: R60 – R30

Sky-Hi Ride at Hotel Sky

Hotel Sky, the Cape Town Central City’s newest hotel, has a 30-metre “Sky-Hi Ride” on its rooftop. It offers the best views of Cape Town and is reportedly the first of its kind in Africa and only one of seven in the world. Have a look at what’s in store for you here and be sure to book your ticket here.

Vine Night
Now on till 29 September 2021

This complimentary weekly wine tasting sees different wine farmers hosting every week in Grub & Vine's private dining room. The winemakers handpick their favourite vintages for wine lovers to taste “while throwing in a bit of Vine 101 suitable for all levels of wine geeks from newbie to aficionados”.
Where: Grub & Vine, 103 Bree St
When: 18h00 – 19h00
Cost: Free

Podcasts by Book Lounge and AVA Gallery

Book Lounge and the Association for Visual Arts (AVA) Gallery have insightful podcasts to be enjoyed by book and art lovers. Ava’s podcast is called Lounge+ and features a range of interviews with artists and updates on exciting exhibitions. A Reader’s Community by Book lounge has conversations with authors and includes talks with Book Lounge staff about what they are reading. Subscribe to both podcasts on iTunes, Spotify, or Google Play so you don’t miss out on great content.

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