by CCID 25 Sep 2018

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Where to find a tailor in the Central City

In a time where many professions have become obsolete, the age-old profession of tailoring still has its charm and is alive and well in the Central City and encompasses small business owners who also do alterations and mending. The spring issue of City Views cast a spotlight on the profession of tailoring, which flourishes to this day.

Tailoring, which is defined as the art of designing, cutting, fitting and finishing clothes, ranks as one of the oldest professions in the world and is still practised today. It is believed that while the term dates back to the 13th century, tailoring took on its modern sense in the late 18th century, where all clothes were cut and sewn by hand similar to the way modern-day bespoke tailors work.

In the Central City, there’s certainly no shortage of talented tailors as they range from those specialising in garment design and manufacture for men and women (including bespoke wedding dresses), and alterations to those specialising in tailormade suits as well as a wide variety of modern styled garments in African prints and solid colours.

Have a look above at some of the tailors you can find in the Central City:

  1. African Design
    Mohammed Abraham
    5th Floor, 49 St Georges Mall | 082 954 9671 |
  2. Frank Bespoke
    166 Bree St | 074 888 2223 | |
  3. City Menders
    Abeeda Adams
    5th Floor, 49 St Georges Mall | 076 360 0563
  4. Star Tailors
    210 Long St | 071 751 4929
  5. Mali South Clothing
    92 Long St | 021 838 2784 |
  6. Nannucci
     - Shop 35, Golden Acre | 021 421 7167
     - 22 Bree St | 021 421 4308
     - Shop 2, Parliament Towers, Plein St | 021 465 5127
     - Shop 2, ABSA Centre, Riebeek St | 021 425 4735
     - Shop 17, Exchange Place, Old Mutual Center | 021 419 3343
  7. Tidy Tucs Tailor
    Shop 06, Thibault Square Pavilion | 062 139 5171 |
  8. Tailors Alterations
    Faldie Fakier
    Room 305, 37 Strand St | 021 423 8233 | 082 471 1665​​
  9. WAG Fashion
    Sheray Goliath | 62 Long St | 063 607 8813 | |


We also spoke to Cape Town-born designer, Designer Zunaid (Zunaid Khalek) about the art of tailoring. Designer Zunaid has over 20 years’ experience in his field and specialises in tailored suits and other ranges, and services clients in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

What makes the tailoring profession unique and special?
Everyone’s body is different and tailored suits or garments are made to measure ensuring the perfect fit for each person, making this old occupation a profession that is still high in demand.

Is there a secret to finding a good tailor?
I believe that, if a tailor goes out of his or her way to assist you by giving you enough consultation time to understand what you want, and if they give you a fair deal according to your budget, then you’ll know you’re in the company of a good tailor.

What’s your advice to someone going to a tailor for the first time?
Enjoy the experience. Go through the swatches and allow the tailor to explain the different types of material and cuts. Having an idea of what you want makes it easier. A good tailor always pleases his or her client, but a great tailor won’t shy away from suggesting something better.

Why is tailoring important?
Unlike buying a piece of clothing from a store that comes in regular sizes, we can adapt garments to highlight or hide certain areas, leaving you feeling more comfortable and confident.

Contact Designer Zunaid: 060 448 7162 | |

Images by Aziza Patandin, Designer Zunaid