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CCID celebrates 20 years' in business

CCID celebrates 20 years' in business

2 December 2020

2020 marks 20 years since the launch of the Cape Town Central City Improvement District. We look back proudly on the strong and consistent impact we have made in downtown Cape Town.

From a derelict environment characterised by crime, dirt, graffiti and antisocial behaviour in 2006, to a thriving, vibrant CBD where the estimated value of property is R44.1 billion, the Cape Town CBD has come a long way.

“The Cape Town Central City we speak of today is vastly different from the one we were entrusted with in 2000. I am proud to say that two decades’ later, our hard work and dedication have paid off, and the city centre is what it should always have been: a hub of economic activity both day and night,” says CCID CEO Tasso Evangelinos.

“The transformation is evident not only in the increased footfall into the city centre over the years but in the investment in upmarket apartments, shops, restaurants, the construction of new mixed-use developments, the renovation of old buildings and the presence of big and small corporates that have made the Central City their home.” In 2019, the value of property investment into the CBD, recently completed, under construction, proposed and planned, was R13.83 billion. according to the State of Cape Town Central City Report 2019 – A year in review.

The CCID’s purpose was, and still is, to create a solid stage from which the CBD can thrive. “We set out to take care of behind-the-scenes services, consistently and reliably, and two decades later, we’re still at it,” says Evangelinos, who is also celebrating 20 years with the organisation this year.

CCID board chairperson Rob Kane, who celebrates 10 years in the position this year, says: “The four pillars of the CCID’s mandate have remained unchanged over many years, namely Safety & Security, Urban Management, Social Development and Communications. However, the CCID retains its relevance to the community by being innovative in how it fulfils that mandate. It has therefore remained highly relevant as an organisation for 20 years.”


2000 – 2005

In 2000, the CCID starts working in the CBD, under the umbrella of the Cape Town Partnership, with 100 community police officers deployed on the streets along with 30 sweepers. In 2003, the number of vacant shops drops by 66 % in the inner city. In 2004, CCID Safety & Security begins to provide supplementary services for public events such as the Community Chest Twilight Run and the Mother City Queer Project. The CCID assists SAPS in establishing the pioneering sector policing project and acts as a response team to the City’s Cyclops CCTV camera surveillance unit.

2005 – 2010

In 2005, the CCID assists in the creation of all-important Community Courts to deal with minor offences. Tasso Evangelinos becomes COO of the organisation in 2007, the same year the CCID starts using data and research for insights that drive improvement. The CCID’s collaboration with NGO Straatwerk begins. The Road Maintenance Team, tasked with fixing minor road defects, is established in 2009 and starts to make a marked impact. In 2010, four branded security kiosks are placed on the streets; the following year this increases to five, ensuring the CCID is a visible and effective presence in downtown Cape Town.

2010 - 2015

In 2010, Soccer World Cup fever hits the Mother City; the CCID works around the clock to ensure the CBD is ready to welcome local, national and international fans. Eight matches go off without a hitch: it is a remarkable feat.. 2 000 homeless people are able to watch the games on a big-screen TV. By 2011 there are 230 security officers deployed by the CCID in the CBD. In 2011 our strategy expands to include promoting investment into the CBD, a mandate we call "Open for Business". The CCID’s prestigious economic publication, State of Cape Town Central City Reportlaunches in 2012, detailing the economy of the Central City in the previous year. In 2014, our crime-prevention unit launches.

2015 - 2020

2015 is a momentous year for the organisation as the CCID breaks away from the Cape Town Partnership. A total of 60 professional cleaners are now deployed on the streets of the CBD via J&M Cleaning. A 300-strong maintenance team is given daily work, providing previously disadvantaged individuals with the means to earn a living. During this year, CCID Public Safety Officers (PSOs) are issued with body-worn cameras as the CCID capitalises on technology to ensure a safe city centre. In 2016, Tasso Evangelinos becomes CEO. Public space management projects begin in Greenmarket Square and St Georges Mall. The CCID now has 18 permanent staff members in its four departments, namely Safety & Security, Urban Management, Social Development and Communications. In 2019, the CCID celebrates 15 years working with its NGO partner, Straatwerk. In 2020, the organisation celebrates 20 years of making a difference on the streets of the CBD. It rolls up its sleeves as the coronavirus hits South Africa to work on the frontline. To counter the devastating effects on the CBD economy of harsh lockdown restrictions to curb Covid-19, the CCID launches a wide-reaching campaign, Come Back To Town, to support its stakeholders and reinvigorate the CBD economy. The CCID remains a constant in the city centre.


2010 Certificate of Excellence from the City of Cape Town to Tasso Evangelinos for Outstanding Contribution during 2010 World Cup.

IDA Downtown Awards

2008 International Downtown Association (IDA) Achievement Awards: Special Achievement Award – Social Issues for CCID Social Development.

2012 Merit Awards for Downtown Leadership and Management & City Views.

2013 Merit Award for City Views

2014 Merit Award for the State of Cape Town Central City Report 2013 – A year in revew

2015 Merit Award for "Give Responsibly" campaign

2018 Certificate of Merit for Best of Cape Town Central City 2018 Guide

IMAGES: Anita van Zyl Reed, Ed Suter, CCID

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