by CCID 25 Feb 2019

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CCID gets ready to launch 2019 “It’s time to come clean” campaign

The Cape Town Central City Improvement District (CCID) is getting ready to launch its 2019 Urban Management “It’s Time to Come Clean” campaign.

The annual campaign is due to run from March until the end of May 2019. It is aimed at raising public awareness around keeping the Cape Town CBD clean and litter-free.

Says Richard Beesley, manager of CCID Urban Management: “We are in the final stages of completing our plans for the campaign. I can reveal that we’re targeting illegal dumping and littering as these remain our biggest challenges in the CBD. We are optimistic that the campaign will once again pique the public’s interest and inspire behavioural change as we continue to urge everyone to take responsibility for a clean Central City, which starts with the people who use it daily disposing of litter appropriately.”

In 2018, the team rolled out a number of new street-pole posters in the Central City and brought out its “Vote with your ciggie butt” disposal box. The team also did an activation to show how many cigarette butts are collected each month from the 270 CCID-branded bins placed across the CBD. With its 2019 campaign, CCID Urban Management aims to increase its efforts once more.

With the “It’s Time to Come Clean” campaign, the CCID will not only be calling on the public to do their bit to ensure the Central City remains the cleanest CBD in South Africa, it will also highlight the work it conducts with its contracted teams to provide a clean, attractive and risk-reduced urban environment. The department renders top-up services to those of the CCID’s primary service provider, the City of Cape Town. They include the removal of graffiti, minor road and pavement repairs, gardening and other beautification projects. These are performed by 60 skilled street sweepers from the CCID’s cleaning contractor, J&M Cleaning Services, and a 300-strong semi-skilled cleaning and maintenance team from the organisation’s NGO partner Straatwerk.

For updates on the CCID’s 2019 Urban Management “It’s Time to Come Clean” campaign, visit the CCID’s Facebook page.

Image by Scott Arendse (CCID Online Coordinator)