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Time to come clean

Time to come clean

19 March 2019

It’s time to clean up your act if you live, work, visit or do business in the Cape Town CBD. Collecting waste and litter in downtown Cape Town is not only a dirty business, it’s expensive too. We all need to pull together to make a difference. With this in mind, and with the aim of encouraging the public not to litter and not to dump, the Urban Management team of the Cape Town Central City Improvement District (CT CCID) has launched its 2019 “It’s time to come clean” campaign.


This year’s campaign builds on the message delivered by the CCID last year, says Richard Beesley, manager of the CCID’s Urban Management department. “Once again, we are calling on members of the public to ‘come clean’ by being conscious of litter,” says Richard. “We’re appealing to people who do business, live, work and play in the CBD to take responsibility and dispose of litter appropriately as a clean Central City starts with the people who use it every day.”


Illegal dumping and littering are the focus of the campaign as they remain the biggest challenges when it comes to cleaning the CBD. “During the 2017–2018 financial year, our team of street sweepers removed 1 080 tons of litter and waste to landfill. They also removed 19.5 tons of illegally dumped waste to landfill,” Richard says.

“These numbers clearly illustrate the extent of the problem and we would like to see them come down so that we can channel the resources we use to other areas where they will be more beneficial to the public.”

Posters will be on display throughout the CBD, especially in areas prone to illegal dumping, as part of the “It’s time to come clean campaign”, which will also feature prominently on the CCID’s social media pages.


With cigarette butts forming a large part of the waste in the CBD, the campaign also focuses on encouraging smokers to dispose of ciggie butts responsibly. CCID teams will be out on the streets when the campaign is launched, handing out Smart Smoker ciggie pouches that stress the importance of getting rid of “stompies” correctly.

The much-loved, interactive ciggie voting bin will also make a comeback. The voting bin attracts smokers who congregate around it and deliver their vote, with their ciggie butt of course, on a question posed on the bin's screen. It’s very entertaining … and does a great job of reminding smokers to do their bit to keep the city clean.

The “It’s time to come clean” campaign not only prompts people to be responsible citizens but also highlights the extensive work of the CCID’s Urban Management department and its different teams. Look out for activations during the campaign in public spaces across the CBD.

CAPTION: Littering in the city centre, especially ciggie-butt waste, is a focus for the "It’s time to come clean" campaign. The 2018 campaign saw a mound of ciggie butts deposited in St Georges Mall as part of the campaign activation. 
Image: Scott Arendse, CCID Online Coordinator

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