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Urban Management team storms in

Urban Management team storms in

24 July 2019

The CCID’s Urban Management department sprang into action to avert danger in the CBD as an intensive cold snap characterised by heavy rains, flooding and strong winds wreaked havoc in the City, including the CBD, and parts of the province.

Richard Beesley, manager of CCID Urban Management, says the storm, which swept across the Western Cape during the weekend of 21 June, caused a lot of damage. “The Central City wasn’t spared as several trees fell over across all four CCID precincts. In fact, our technical team had to do emergency work in the early hours of the mornings, cutting up as many as 15 trees that had fallen. This took them three days, which illustrates the extent of the damage caused by the storm.”

Richard says if his teams had not acted swiftly, it could have resulted in tripping hazards, obstruction of traffic or much worse.

“Ensuring that we provide a clean, attractive and risk-reduced urban environment in the Cape Town Central City for all to enjoy is something we take very seriously, and I’d like to extend my sincere gratitude to our technical team for performing such a difficult job efficiently under challenging circumstances.”

The team involved in the operation following the storm is the same one that received comprehensive tree felling training last year October from the City of Cape Town’s Recreation and Parks Department. Richard says this training has proved invaluable.

During last year’s training, Reagan Adams, supervisor at City Parks, explained that the chainsaw used to cut trees moves at a speed of 3000 revolutions per minute, and one can just imagine what would happen if someone uses it incorrectly. In a practical session at the Company’s Garden that included climbing a tall tree, he equipped the CCID’s Straatwerk team with valuable skills on how to use the tools safely and correct personal protective equipment so they don’t endanger their lives, that of their fellow workers, pedestrians or even damage property which could result in litigation.

As the rainy season continues, rest assured that the CCID Urban Management teams are ready and able to deal with these conditions.

IMAGES: Mmiselo Ntsime, CCID Precinct Manager

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