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Cape Town Coffee Festival deemed a success

The long-awaited Cape Town Coffee Festival’s successful debut has further enhanced the Central City’s vibrant and growing coffee culture.

19 June | 2019


Cape Town’s successes and challenges in creating a dynamic downtown district earned international exposure last month with the participation of the Cape Town Central City Improvement Distri

19 June | 2019

CCID’s operational teams get new home

Home is where you hang your hat, as the saying goes.

19 June | 2019

CBD stakeholders can help to fight crime in the CBD

CBD stakeholders can help to fight crime and make a difference by doing three simple things, says CCID Safety & Security manager Muneeb “Mo” Hendricks.

19 June | 2019

Sebastian Daniels's coffee-shop blues

Sebastian Daniels

People gather in coffee shops and street-chic cafés for various reasons. For Cape Town entrepreneur Sebastian Daniels (25), they were a welcome refuge during a difficult time in his life.

18 June | 2019

Brandon Phillips on his musical journey

Brandon Phillips

Brandon Phillips is not only resident conductor of one of the busiest and accomplished orchestras in Africa.

18 June | 2019