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Business confidence in Cape Town CBD soars

Business confidence in downtown Cape Town continued its late 2021 recovery during the first quarter of 2022, according to the Cape Town Central City Improvement District’s latest Retail Con

25 April | 2022

Luxury Cape Town inner-city hotel stays

There are splendid stays to be had in Cape Town: luxe hotel penthouses and presidential suites abound in South African’s most beautiful city.

31 March | 2022

How inner cities can thrive

If inner cities are to survive and thrive, out-of-the box thinking is crucial.

31 March | 2022

Cape Town CBD food tour reveals Africa's culinary gems

A unique African food and storytelling tour of the Cape Town Central City not only offers mouth-watering dishes but transcends cultural barriers to showcase Africa’s rich heritage.

31 March | 2022

Budget brekkies in downtown Cape Town

You can still breakfast like a king in the city centre. Here are the best brekkie deals in town that won’t break the bank.

31 March | 2022

Dogs allowed!

How the pet-crazy trend caught on in downtown Cape Town, making the CBD a haven for hounds.

31 March | 2022