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A happy ending for Obey Togarepi

He remembers telling his brother “at some point” that he was done fighting, that it was time to go home. It was time to book a bus ticket back to spend his last days with his mom and dad.

2 July | 2019

Debunking myths about the homeless

We see streetpeople every day and often make hasty assumptions and judgments about them and their circumstances.

2 July | 2019

Showing they care this winter

CCID Fieldworker Headman Sirala-rala delivering donation bins at Mandela Rhodes Place

To help ease the plight of the CBD’s homeless community during the bitterly cold and wet winter months, the CCID’s Social Development department and NGOs in the Central City and surrounding

2 July | 2019

Ways to show generosity to people living on the street

Safe Space

In the special supplement, The Tough Times, contained in the winter 2019 issue of City Views, various ways to show generosity to people living on the street are highlighted.

2 July | 2019

Winter is here

Stomp at the Artscape Theatre Centre

Here’s a selection of some of the exciting Central City events that are highlighted in the 2019 winter issue of City Views.

2 July | 2019

Fun activities to do this winter in the CBD

Truth Coffee - Attend a coffee appreciation course

The 2019 winter issue of City Views has some wonderful fun activities for you to enjoy during the colder months. Here’s a selection of them below.

1 July | 2019