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Brandon Phillips on his musical journey

Brandon Phillips

Brandon Phillips is not only resident conductor of one of the busiest and accomplished orchestras in Africa.

18 June | 2019

Helping the homeless get through the winter

Life on the street is extremely tough and the hardships deepen in the harsh, unforgiving winter.

18 June | 2019

Barista Moses Lebofa talks coffee

Moses Lebofa

His delivery is smooth and easy and contains words like “nutty”, “caramel”, “bold” and “chocolatey”.

14 May | 2019

Creating a campaign: It's time to come clean

How do you conceive a campaign on keeping the Central City clean?

14 May | 2019

Central City Happenings: 15 May 2019 TO 19 June 2019

Red Bull Cape Town circuit

The Cape Town Central City is everyone’s playground. Have a look at what’s on over the next few weeks.

14 May | 2019

CCID stormwater drains team prepares for rainy season

The CCID drain-cleaning team in action

With the rainy season imminent, the CCID’s Urban Management department is taking steps to help prevent flooding in the CBD.

14 May | 2019